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About the Forum New Economy

The Forum New Economy is a platform that has just been launched in Berlin with the aim to promote new answers to fundamental economic challenges like inequality, financial instability and climate change. In order to promote such a new paradigm the Platform will bring together innovative leading academia with policy-makers and a broader public in Germany and beyond. This aim will be pursued through the commissioning of studies and papers, as well as via the organisation of workshops, meetings and public events. The Forum works as an autonomous organisation under the legal entity of the European Climate Foundation (ECF). It is supported by the OECD, the Institute for New Economic Thinking (INET), DIW Berlin, OFCE Paris, the Mercator Foundation, the Hewlett Foundation, and others. Over the last two years of exploration, this project has already brought together leading economic think tanks, academics and policy makers.

The Forum is driven by a Berlin-based secretariat in which four full-time staff members are working in a highly dynamic team at the frontier between new economic thinking and policymaking.

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There are currently no open job listing.


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