V New Paradigm Workshop - The Economics of a Green New Deal






In close collaboration with our partner organisation OFCE in Paris we brought together French and German experts in the field of climate change.

Paper presentation by Laurie Laybourn-Langton, IPPR

Discussant: Pierre-Cyrille Hautcoeur, EHESS

What are the needs for Germany?

Paper presentation by Carlo Jaeger & Sarah Wolf, Global Climate Forum, Berlin


What are the needs for Germany?

Study Presentation by Sebastian Dullien, IMK Düsseldorf

How broad must a deal be to have a significant macroeconomic impact?

Study presentation by Adeline Guéret, Aurélien Saussay, Xavier Timbeau, OFCE Paris


European perspective – What kind of Green New Deal is von der Leyen preparing?

Peter Bofinger, Würzburg University

Maja Goepel, WBGU


Short interview with Thomas Fricke

Short interview with Laurence Tubiana

Short interview with Laurie Laybourn-Langton