Making globalization work for all

After three decades of poorly managed integration, globalization is today threatened by social discontent and the rise of populist forces. A new paradigm will need better ways not only to compensate those groups that have lost out, but to distribute the gains more broadly from the start.

New Paradigm

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  • The Challenge

    The long post-war wave of globalization has come to a halt and the world economy is now threatened by disintegration.

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  • What went wrong?

    Liberalizing international trade will lift all boats, since the losers from globalization can easily be compensated.

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  • New Economy in Progress

    Globalization produces discontent and policy needs to take costs and compensation more seriously.

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5 ways that are discussed to make globalization work for all

  1. • Training programs, job search assistance and more effective redistribution.
  2. • Regions react differently to trade shocks, so policies must focus on their particular needs.
  3. • Governments could refrain from signing up to “deep” trade agreements.
  4. • Increase cross-border labour mobility by allowing more workers to migrate from poor to rich countries.
  5. • Stronger industrial policies, subsidies or protectionism of selected industries in developing countries.

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