From market fundamentalism to viable wealth for the many.

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New Paradigm

After decades of overly naive market belief, we urgently need new answers to the great challenges of our time and a whole new paradigm to guide us.

the role of
the state

For decades, there was a consensus that reducing the role of the state and cutting public debt would generate wealth. New research focuses on defining when government action is economically sensible and necessary.


More than a decade after the financial crisis there still seems to be something seriously wrong with the financial system. A better financial system needs to counter herding, booms and busts and the inherent tendency towards instability.


During the high point of market orthodoxy, economists argued that the most 'efficient' way to combat climate change was to let markets determine the price of carbon emissions. Today, there is a growing consensus that a carbon price on its own might not be enough.


The rising gap between rich and poor has become a threat to social cohesion in most rich countries. To reverse this trend it will be crucial to better understand the importance of different drivers of income and wealth inequality.

Innovation Lab

Do we need a whole new understanding of economic growth? How viable are alternatives to GDP when it comes to measuring prosperity? An understanding of these and other more fundamental challenges is urgently needed.

for all

After three decades of poorly managed integration, globalization is threatened by social discontent and the rise of populist forces. A new paradigm will need better ways not only to compensate the groups that have lost, but to distribute the gains more broadly from the start.

beyond markets

A deep belief in self-regulating markets and market-driven integration lead to major imbalances in the Eurozone. New research needs to focus on the policies needed to foster economic convergence and prevent future panics.

What does the New Economy Forum do?

More and more economists around the world are searching for innovative concepts to make economic and societal trends more sustainable. Supporting these ideas and exploring their real value, is one of the main goals of this Forum.

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