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17. MAY 2024



Dear friends and colleagues, 

It is probably one of the great illusions of globalization that the long-praised free play of the markets will lead to the good of all – or at least that on balance the advantages always outweigh the disadvantages. What do the advantages count for some if others lose their livelihoods, as was the case in the USA after the China shock in the early 2000s – and is occasionally rumored again now?

According to a number of studies, the perceived or actual loss of control is one of the core causes of people’s discontent and the rise of populists. So how can we ensure that global trends and shocks are brought under control in order to counter the now deep-seated feeling of powerlessness? How should elected politicians in liberal democracies deal with the threats of authoritarian regimes? And what does a world order look like in which every country has the legitimate desire to produce strategically important things such as chips in its own country?

All this will be discussed at our big Berlin Summit on Wednesday, May 29 – in Adam Tooze’s keynote speech in the morning, as well as on the panel starting at 2 p.m., where Adam will be joined by renowned foreign policy expert Daniela SchwarzerRob Johnson from INET and Moritz Schularick from the Kiel Institute for the World Economy. Winning back the people – through better managed globalization.

Everything live and at the gates of Berlin: You can find the current program on the event page. Places are limited – register here.

After the pre-opening panel on Monday in Berlin city and the smaller round table discussions on Tuesday at Landgut Stober, there will be a marketplace of (new) ideas at the Berlin Summit “Winning back the people” on Wednesday afternoon. A good dozen new thinkers have registered so far, including from INET, the Young Scholars Initiative, Finanzwende, the Global Solutions Initiative, The New Institute, Dezernat Zukunft and the Global Climate Forum.

To see – and be seen. For ideas. Any ideas? Simply reply to this newsletter.

Have a nice weekend,

Thomas Fricke

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