Winning back the people: The Berlin Summit

World-leading thinkers will discuss how to win back people over three days on invitation of the Forum - from 27 to 29 May 2024


8. MAY 2024

In the global super election year of 2024, populists are threatening to experience a new upswing almost everywhere – whether in the USA, the EU or in East Germany. What makes so many citizens so dissatisfied? What could help win people back and restore their trust in liberal democracy? At the Berlin Summit at the end of May, world-leading thinkers such as Dani Rodrik, Mariana Mazzucato and Adam Tooze will discuss this over three days on invitation of the Forum – under the title ‘Winning back the people’. Can a new kind of economic policy help to repair the damage caused by poorly managed globalization and excessive market liberalism? Does Bidenomics have the potential to function as a new paradigm and counteract populism? How can a new industrial and modern climate policy work?

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This event is supported by the Canopus Foundation, IMK, INET, in collaboration with Harvard´s Reimagining the Economy and YSI.



After decades of overly naive market belief, we urgently need new answers to the great challenges of our time. More so, we need a whole new paradigm to guide us. We collect everything about the people and the community who are dealing with the question of a new paradigm and who analyze the historical and present impact of paradigms and narratives – whether in new contributions, performances, books and events.