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Two and a half years after our launch, we are giving our content a makeover. Here's an overview of the most important changes.




20. APRIL 2022



Two and a half years ago, the Forum New Economy was officially launched in Berlin. Since then, countless publications, events and background discussions with political and scientific actors on the neuralgic questions of a new paradigm have followed. Now it was time for us to give all this content a fresh new look. The aim was to make it more visible that our Forum is not only concerned with helping to develop fundamentally new concepts for solving inequality, climate hazards, the globalization crisis and other issues, but also to track how such a new paradigm helps to solve current economic policy problems. That is why, in addition to the major fundamental topics of our knowledge base, the home page now also always features a number of current articles related to economic policy challenges.

Our Knowledge Base on the New Economy will remain as a core element of our work. There, we will continue to compile the latest findings on solving the major challenges of our time, consulting internationally renowned experts. The important content on climate change, inequality, financial market instability and co is now presented in an even clearer format. In the Innovation Lab section, we also collect contributions on the major fundamental questions of the new economy: Do we need a new understanding of economic growth? How will we measure prosperity in the future? and many more.

The most important changes

Forum Studies

Since the launch of Forum New Economy in 2019, we have published more than a dozen studies around the pillars of a new paradigm. Making these studies more accessible was one of our main goals for the new site. Under the heading ‘Forum Studies’, you will now find a dedicated subpage with an overview of all Forum Basic Studies and Working Papers, which can be filtered by year, category and topic.

Forum Events

One of the central elements of our work is the function as a platform – and with it the organization of panel discussions, workshops and expert seminars on the New Paradigm. In the newly created section ‘Forum Events’ all upcoming and past events can now be navigated at a glance. There we not only collect information about times, speakers and topics of our upcoming events, but also prepare the highlights and key takeaways of past events.

Best of New Paradigm- A Monthly Selection of New Papers

To coincide with the launch of the new website, we have revived our New Paradigm Papers of the Month format, where we present a handful of selected research papers each month that point the way to a new economic paradigm.


In our New Economy Ticker, you will find brief, up-to-date information on important news, events, guest contributions, debates, proposals and developments relating to new economic thinking – regularly updated and at a glance.

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After decades of overly naive market belief, we urgently need new answers to the great challenges of our time. More so, we need a whole new paradigm to guide us. We collect everything about the people and the community who are dealing with the question of a new paradigm and who analyze the historical and present impact of paradigms and narratives – whether in new contributions, performances, books and events.