Climate Challenge: Will Germany manage the transition?

The main question of the climate session on the VIII. New Paradigm Workshop was, how Germany can manage the transition to climate-neutrality by 2050 - or 2045.




27. MAY 2021


1 MIN.

There were times when Germany was considered a role model when it came to environmental and climate protection. Today, the question is whether the country can manage the great transition to make everything climate-neutral by 2050 – or 2045. Patrick Graichen from Agora Energiewende has presented how this could actually be achieved.

Here are his presentation slides:

What the transformation of the car industry will mean for employment and value creation in Germany in the coming years – that is what the experts from Boston Consulting have estimated in a previously unpublished study, the results of which were presented on the same panel. Here are the slides:

In a Forum study, Tom Krebs estimated how much would have to be publicly invested in the conversion of the industry to green hydrogen. His slides are here:


Other panellists on the big question of whether Germany can manage the conversion: KfW chief economist Friederike Köhler-Geib and Laurence Tubiana from the European Climate Foundation. Chair: Carlo Jaeger of the Global Climate Forum.

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During the high point of market orthodoxy, economists argued that the most 'efficient' way to combat climate change was to simply let markets determine the price of carbon emissions. Today, there is a growing consensus that prices need to be regulated and that a carbon price on its own might not be enough.