Branko Milanović on Wealth Inequality and the Launch of the Simulator

Why it is crucial to understand the dynamics of wealth inequality and its consequences.


13. NOVEMBER 2023

Last Friday, we launched our interactive wealth simulator for Germany, which we developed together with a group of researchers led by Timm Bönke and Charlotte Bartels from the DIW Berlin.

The simulator was presented at a major event and discussed by leading inequality researcher Branko Milanović, Federal Ministry of Economics and Climate Protection Chief Economist Elga Bartsch, CDU Germany politician Mario Czaja, former Social Democratic Party of Germany (SPD) leader Norbert Walter-Borjans and former Left Party MP Fabio de Masi, among others.

We have asked Branko Milanović why understanding wealth inequality is so important – and what he takes away from the wealth simulator.

The entire presentation by Branko Milanovic at the XIII New Paradigm Workshop, including the subsequent discussion with Petra Pinzler and Dennis Snower, can be viewed here. The slides of the presentation are available for download here.



The rising gap between rich and poor has become a threat to social cohesion in most rich countries. To reverse this trend it will be crucial to better understand the importance of different drivers of income and wealth inequality.