The Designer Economy – A New Paradigm?


6 pm CET





Seeking a new overarching economic paradigm is the main goal of the Forum. One recent proposal goes by the name “Designer Economy”, suggested in an essay by Yakov Feygin and Nils Gilman who explore the possibility of uniting different political camps in the US behind the idea of a pro-active role for the government in shaping the economy.


Instead of focusing on ex-post redistribution and regulation, the government in the Designer Economy has the necessary administrative capacity to ex-ante implement directed supply side policies, observing technological and economic trends to promote country specific potentialities. Rather than commanding one ideal path, the politics of design are about what features are wanted in the future for the economy to better serve shared prosperity and common societal goals.


We have invited one of the authors Yakov Feygin to discuss his theses in our next New Economy Short Cut.

Yakov Feygin

Dr. Yakov Feygin is responsible for developing the research agenda, projects, initiatives and partnerships for the Future of Capitalism program at the Berggruen Institute. Prior to joining the Berggruen Institute, Yakov was a fellow in History and Policy at the Harvard University Kennedy School of Government and managing editor of The Private Debt Project. Feygin holds a Ph.D. in History with a focus on economic history from the University of Pennsylvania.