Quick & New: Narratives and Szenarios in the post-Corona world

Does the crisis trigger a transformation process or will everything go back to normal? Hannes Böhm and Valentin Sagvosdkin describe the importance of narratives for the time after the crisis.


Sometimes it is crises that catapult the previously unrealistic utopias of science into the sphere of possibility. In these crises, facts become clearer and deficiencies more obvious. In their essay for Makronom, Valentin Sagvosdkin and Hannes Böhm describe how the current crisis could affect the thinking of society and describe three possible scenarios for the post-Corona period.

The authors contrast a transformation scenario with a conservative scenario and a return scenario. It is not yet clear which of these scenarios will prevail. Already now one can see the breaks in the discussion. If the crisis has shown, for example, the enormous potential of government activity, individual actors are already calling for a return to a balanced budget in 2021. After the initial support for “systemically important” occupations, nothing seems to change in the labour market in the long term.

The stories and narratives that will determine the coming months will be decisive in shaping the scenario to which we will move. Hannes Böhm and Valentin Sagvosdkin have described this precisely.

Read the full article in German on Makronom: Narrative und Szenarien der Nach-Corona Welt

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