INET 24-part lecture series: Economics for People with Ha-Joon Chang

Our partner institution Institute for New Economic Thinking (INET) has launched a new 24-part lecture series, "Economics For People" with University of Cambridge economist and bestselling author Ha-Joon Chang.


Leider ist der Eintrag nur auf Amerikanisches Englisch verfügbar.

On the heels of INET’s series with Robert Skidelsky, their latest offering for students features Professor Chang explaining key concepts in economics, empowering anyone to hold their government, society, and economy accountable.

This is the latest in a array of educational videos INET has made to give students a more thorough and practical understanding of economics. Previous offerings include „How & How NOT to Do Economics“ with Robert Skidelsky, and „What Money Can’t Buy“ with Michael Sandel.

In addition to lectures, INET is also releasing animated “explainer” videos, which feature economists breaking down key concepts for a general audience. Earlier this fall INET released „Banning Buybacks“ with William Lazonick, „Learn the Language of Power“ with Ha-Joon Chang, and „Is History Important“ with Robert Skidelsky. Future videos will include  Mariana Mazzucato, Teresa Ghilarducci, and more.

Watch the full series „Economics For People“ with University of Cambridge economist and bestselling author Ha-Joon Chang. 


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