Video – New Economy Short Cut on the US Election Outcome

The US-citizens voted in what is deemed to be one of the most important elections of western democracies. We discussed the (preliminary) result with Katharina Pistor and Rüdiger Bachmann at November 4 from 3pm CET onwards.


On Tuesday, the Americans decided whether Donald Trump remains president – or Joe Biden will succeed him. Provided the acting president accepts the outcome, of course. What the outcome of the elections will mean for economic policy and for Europe and Germany – that is what we discussed the following day on the 4th of November at 3 pm. CET  in our next edition of the New Economy Short Cuts with Rüdiger Bachmann, Professor of Economics at Notre Dame University and one of the best-known German economists in the USA, and Katharina Pistor, Professor of Law at Columbia University in New York.

Re-watch the Short Cut below


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