VIII. New Paradigm Workshop, May 25-27 2021 – Day 1

How to tackle inequality? Will Bidenomics help against Trump? Talk with Joe Kaeser and Dani Rodrik.


Corona still dominates. But what comes after? Where is the country – and the new government – heading? (Almost) all these questions will be answered in two weeks – at the eighth New Paradigm Workshop, this time on the “Future of the German Model” shortly before the Bundestag elections, which we want to hold again for the first time with real participants.

There will be a lot of discussion about the division in the country until the election, but not that much is known about the facts. Therefore, Stefan Bach and Markus Grabka will open up the workshop presenting the results of the third part of our project on inequality in Germany. Building on part one – diagnosis and data situation – and part two – identifying the main drivers of inequality – we will now address the big question of what exactly helps to prevent income and wealth from drifting apart and how. Would a wealth tax significantly reduce the gap between rich and poor? If not, what else? The results of the project were discussed in advance with various experts, including Andreas Peichl from the Ifo Institute and Lucas Chancel from the Piketty team. On the podium now: Martin Biewen from the University of Tübingen, Charlotte Bartels from DIW Berlin and Clara Martinez Toledano from Imperial College Business School.

Rewatch the session here.

The panel on the big topic of rich and poor will start on 25 May at 2:30 pm.
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Another result of a long-term project is the paper that Robert Gold from the Kiel Institute for the World Economy has just written on the socio-economic causes of populism. Here, too, the first steps were to identify the extent and driving forces. Now it is a first attempt to deduce which policies help against new bouts of populism. There has been a real life experiment in this regard for a few weeks now: the major reform packages of the new US President Joe Biden – with the obvious aim of preventing Americans from electing a populist like Donald Trump again next time. Thomas Ferguson from the Institute for New Economic Thinking INET in New York will comment on the chances of Bidenomics on the panel.Other panellists on the fight against populism: Dalia Marin and Catherine Fieschi.

The panel on populism will start at 25 May from 4.15 pm.
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Finally, two very special top experts will discuss how globalisation and capitalism can be reformed – the one is among the most powerful corporate leaders with a sense for social imbalances, the other is one of the masterminds of the critique of globalisation: Siemens CEO Joe Kaeser in a talk with Harvard economist Dani Rodrik. Here, too, the topic will be whether Joe Biden is currently creating the template for a new paradigm.

The Kaeser Rodrik talk will be moderated by OECD economist Nicola Brandt – on 25 May from 17:30.
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