Re-live: 30 years after unification – Does capitalism need an overhaul?

SPD co-leader Norbert Walter-Borjans debated the state of German capitalism at our workshop with Lisa Paus, Johannes Vogel and Dalia Marin. Here you can rewatch the discussion.

Aufgenommen am 28.09.2020 in Berlin beim VII New Paradigm Workshop des Forum for a New Economy. Foto: Forum for a new economy / Florian Schuh

As a survey has shown, which we have commissioned exclusively from Forsa in advance – and which we presented on Monday at the start – even after many years of falling unemployment in Germany, a significant number of people express the wish that the current economic system should be fundamentally renewed. Hardly anyone says that everything in the system should remain as it is. Why is that so? And to what extent is capitalism in need of reform 30 years after its triumphant advance? This is what SPD leader Norbert Walter-Borjans discussed on the starting panel with Johannes Vogel from the FDP, Lisa Paus from the Greens and Dalia Marin, professor of economics in Munich. Moderated by Ulrike Herrmann, author of the book “Kein Kapitalismus ist auch keine Lösung”. The panel starts in the video below at 11:15.



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