INET Event: Europe’s Hamiltonian Moment…or the Beginning of the End?

Laurence Boone, Moritz Schularick and Adam Tooze discussed the impact of the COVID-19 crisis on the Eurozone and how the new proposal will affect the outlook of the EU.


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The COVID-19 pandemic is the second major crisis to hit the Eurozone in a little more than a decade and has once more laid bare the weaknesses in the European monetary project. Without fiscal burden-sharing on the European level, the responses to the crisis remain asymmetric, uncoordinated, and dependent upon on individual countries’ fiscal positions.

As the European Central Bank launched a large bond purchase program to keep the continent afloat, the recent German Constitutional Court decision now raises the bar for monetary action. Will individual nation responses continue to reinforce divergent trends in economic performance, potentially polarizing Europe even further? Or could we possibly see a Hamiltonian moment for Europe with a bold step towards fiscal integration and a rescue for the Eurozone? Please join this distinguished panel for an exploration of these pivotal ideas.

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