Economics of populism – Bidenomics as a blueprint for winning back the left behind?

Robert Gold has written a Forum New Economy study on the socio-economic causes of populism, which he presented at the VIII. New Paradigm workshop.


Robert Gold from the Kiel Institute for the World Economy has just written on the socio-economic causes of populism. The first steps were to identify the extent and driving forces. His paper now is an attempt to deduce which policies help against new bouts of populism. The study will soon be published on our website. There has been a real life experiment in this regard for a few weeks now: the major reform packages of the new US President Joe Biden – with the obvious aim of preventing Americans from electing a populist like Donald Trump again next time. Thomas Ferguson from the Institute for New Economic Thinking INET in New York has commented on the chances of Bidenomics on the panel. Other panellists on the fight against populism: Dalia Marin comparing populism in Germany and the US and Catherine Fieschi.

You can rewatch the whole session here:

Presentation slides of Robert Gold:

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