OECD (NAEC) Conference – Integrative Economics

On March 5-6, 2020 our partner organization NAEC at the OECD hosted a conference on “Integrative Economics”. The event featured epidemiologist Joshua M. Epstein, Nobel Prize laureate James Heckman and many others.


As a cooperation partner of NAEC (OECD) we supported this two-day event, which took place under changed circumstances in the light of the recent corona virus outbreak. The all-encompassing corona pandemic was also a topic of the conference, which benefited from the presence of the renowned epidemiologist Joshua M. Epstein (New York University), who gave an introductory lecture on his new book Agent_Zero on day one, as well as a Masterclass on the formal modelling of epidemics.

The conference’s central argument was that human systems are complex and prone to cascading failure. Economics as a discipline should therefore push for a new paradigm that integrates approaches from all social sciences. The conference featured prominent economists such as Nobel Prize laureate James Heckman, Gabriela Ramos and Andrew Sheng among others. For a full summary including links to videos and other material – see below or on the NAEC website.

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