Video – New Economy Short Cut – Top economists argue over top textbooks

Peter Bofinger has caused quite a stir with his criticism of two of the most legendary economics textbooks - now he had the chance to argue with the author, Greg Mankiw himself, about the famous textbooks. The two were joined on the panel by Anna Reisch and Rudi Bachmann.


For decades, few other textbooks have influenced young economists as much as those by Gregory Mankiw. Peter Bofinger, Professor of Economics at the University of Würzburg, received all the more attention when he recently argued how supposedly one-sided and out of touch with reality some of the books’ key statements are. Rightly so? We have invited Peter Bofinger to present and discuss his critique in our New Economy Short Cut and he was joined by Gregory Mankiw himself. Also on the panel to discuss this topic were Rüdiger Bachmann, Professor of Economics at the University of Notre Dame in Indiana and Anna Reisch, a former member of the chair of Netzwerk für Plurale Ökonomik.

If you want to read Peter Bofinger’s review in, you can find it here – optionally in German or English.

You can find the recording of the session here.

Peter Bofinger is Professor for Monetary and International Economics at Würzburg University and a former member of the German Council of Economic Experts (2004-2019).

Rüdiger Bachmann is Stepan Family College Professor of Economics at the University of Notre Dame. Although he teaches and researches in the US, he is an important voice in the German-speaking economists scene.

Gregory Mankiw is Professor for Economics at Harvard University and former chairman of the Council of Economic Advisors under George W. Bush. 

Anna Reisch is a former member of the chair of  Netzwerk für Plurale Ökonomik.

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