Inequality 101 with Branko Milanovic and Arjun Jayadev

Inequality may be the pressing issue of our time. Until recently however, inequality was seen as a normal externality with positive effects. Branko Milanovic and Arjun Jayadev break down all aspects of inequality for the Institute for New Economic Thinking in a new series called "Inequality 101".

Credit: Riya Kumari

Inequality 101 by the Institue for New Economic Thinking

The lecture series “Inequality 101” picks its viewers up right at the start and explains why it is so important to tackle inequality when trying to develop a new economic paradigm. Arjun Jayadev and Branko Milanovic break down what inequality is, how it is measured, why it exists and how it can be addressed.

The series contains five different lectures and tackles an array of questions. Why should society care about inequality and what inequality are we even talking about? How is the discussion around inequality framed on the basis of different measurement techniques and data-sets? How did inequality develop and do we have a model on how it was tackled before?

One can only thank Milanovic and Jayadev for putting inequality on the agenda with this visualised lecture-series. The development and integration of a new economic paradigm will not be possible if inequality and poverty are not tackled first.

You can find the whole article with all the lectures here:

Inequality 101 by the Institue for New Economic Thinking

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