DIW-Study Shows Unimagined Level of Inequality

Wealth inequality in Germany is even higher than estimated. That shows a new DIW-study which uses a new data mechanism.


It was well known that Germany is one of the most unequal countries in Europe in terms of wealth inequality. However, a new DIW study reveals that the level of inequality is even higher than assumed. 50% of adults in Germany own only 1.4% of total wealth. The wealthy are predominantly older men from West Germany. The trend of inequality is as worrying as the level itself. In recent decades, the gap in wealth inequality has widened.

The new discoveries are partly due to a new way of collecting data by DIW researchers. In order to adequately reflect the often underrepresented upper per cent of wealth distribution, DIW researchers have integrated data from Manager Magazin.

The full-length DIW study can be found here:



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