Talk with Dani Rodrik and Joe Kaeser: Capitalism under pressure – How to make globalization work for all

In their talk at the VIII. New Paradigm Workshop, Harvard economist Dani Rodrik and former Siemens CEO Joe Kaeser talked about good job policies, the purpose of business, and the taxation of SUVs.


In his keynote (slides below), Harvard economist Dani Rokdrik focussed on good job policies. He pointed towards the limits of the welfare state and the importance of jobs for the well-being. According to Rodrik, job policies should include better active market policies linked to employers, and industrial and regional policies targeting good jobs. He also stressed that technology is – like globalization – nothing god given, but can be shaped by policy. He argued that innovation policies should be directed towards labor friendly and less capital intensive technologies.

Ex-Siemens-CEO Joe Kaeser disagreed with Milton Friedman that the business of businesses is just business, but that companies need to serve society. Kaeser demanded from policy makers that they should be courageous enough to implement necessary reforms from a shareholder value world towards stakeholder capitalism.

Rewatch the whole talk here:

Here are the Slides of Dani Rodrik:

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