Forum Newsletter #44 – Wrap-up from the New Economy

Italy clichés in the Short Cut check - next Tuesday I Growing or shrinking - solution to major dispute?


Dear friends and colleagues,

There are disputes which excite the parties involved to such an extent that no agreement seems possible. This is no different in questions of economics than it is with partners and neighbors in real life. Such disputes include the big question of whether the economy can grow indefinitely – or whether it urgently needs to shrink in view of planetary limits. Dogma growth versus dogma de-growth? Irresolvable. Or so it seemed for a long time. Yet, the modern answer to the old dispute could turn out to be quite different.

How? That’s the question we will be answering at the big symposium we are organizing at the end of August in collaboration with The New Institute. And also: what does modern research have to say about the equally big question of how prosperity can be measured in ways better than referencing the eternal GDP? And: how can the alternative ideas be made workable in real terms? Or how an economy relying on regenerative resources could function. And how risks associated with major shocks can be absorbed for everyone.

Save the date! On August 31, 2021 all day – hybrid in Berlin and via Zoom. We will open registrations soon. Please register early – limited seats on site.

Emotional clash two: Italy and the Euro in Germany. Clichés included. The Viennese economist Philipp Heimberger recently published a series of tweets about this under the title ‘Campaign Against Nonsense about Italy’. The tenor: in many respects, the Germans have a pretty skewed picture of what Italy is all about economically. We invited Heimberger to our next New Economy Short Cut – and as a counterpart Daniel Stelter, who says that Italians are actually richer than Germans – and should therefore rather help themselves. The aim of the debate is to stick to the numbers – and not to engage in trench warfare. Perhaps there will be more agreement in the end than the emotionality of the topic would suggest.

New Economy Short Cut – Italy – Clichés and Reality – next Tuesday, June 15, starting at 5 p.m., via Zoom. Registration unlimited here.

With moderately emotional greetings,

Thomas Fricke

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