Forum New Economy hosts Green Deal Seminar

What to make of the Green Deal introduced by Ursula von der Leyen? We will discuss that with experts academic experts, relevant policymakers and our academic partners at a Seminar on the 18th of February.


We are thrilled to discuss the Green Deal as proposed by the EU Commission on the coming Tuesday with important figures from all kinds of fields. The seminar is aimed at bringing light into the discussion about the Green Deal. How much additional money is actually proposed? What are the economic effects of such propositions and what would the effects of climate change and the German industry be?

These questions are definitely not easy to answer but we are confident to bring the right people together to at least come close. In three separate panels, we will discuss the economic effects, how to make a Green Deal tangible also for ordinary people and last but not least how the Deal will impact the German industry and especially the automobile sector.

We will be glad to address these highly important topics with experts like Nora Hesse, Barbara Praetorius, Jens Südekum, Jakob von Weizsäcker, Peter Bofinger, Achim Truger and many many more.

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