Remaking finance

More than a decade after the global financial crisis there still seems to be something seriously wrong with the financial system. Financial markets still tend to periodically misprice risk and contribute to boom and bust cycles. A better financial system needs to discourage short-termism and speculative activity, curtail systemic risk and distribute wealth more broadly.


New Paradigm Knowledge Base

  • The Challenge

    The 2008 Global Financial Crisis was the worst economic crisis since the Great Depression and the world still suffers from systemic financial instability.

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  • What went wrong?

    The efficient market hypothesis stipulated that bubbles could not exist and that the market is the best disciplining device.

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  • New Economy in Progress

    A better financial system needs to counter herding, booms and busts and the inherent tendency towards instability.

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5 ways that are discussed to remake finance

  1. Macro-prudential regulation such as caps on loan-to-value or debt-to-income ratios to lower systemic risk.
  2. Higher bank capital ratios to reduce leverage levels and the risk of bank collapses.
  3. Countercyclical capital buffers to reduce the procyclicality of the financial system
  4. Financial transaction tax to reduce unnecessary or destabilising financial activity.
  5. A new version of the Bretton Woods System, which shaped the post-war era.

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